Tree trimming and removal

Tree Trimming

005 tree trimTrimming trees back away from your house helps keep your roof free of debris.  Leaves and needles falling on your roof can accumulate and cause issues with proper drainage.  Much of this debris will also end up in your rain gutters if you do not have rain gutter protection.  Clogged rain gutters can lead to over flowing and ice dams.  This is a maintenance that many homeowners fail to deal with when cleaning their roofs.

The other reason to trim your trees back away from the roof is to let the sun shine hit it.  Moss and algae will grow on your roof if it is shaded by over grown trees.  Moss and algae can be damaging to roofs and will cause drainage issues.  With your trees trimmed back it will allow the sun to dry the roof off and reduce the opportunity for moss and algae to grow.

Tree Removal

005 Tree Removal

There are times when a tree needs to be removed.  Trees grow old and die, theyalso can become diseased.  These trees can become a danger to your home, family, and neighbors as they may fall.  In certain cases, removal is the best option.  At Rain or Shine we provide full service tree removal.  Contact us today for a quote