Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning and moss removal is serious business in the Seattle Metro area.

Our crew hard at work cleaning another happy customer's roof.

Our crew hard at work cleaning another happy customer’s roof.

Moss Removal and Treatment

Moss is your roof’s slow growing enemy. At first you can’t even see it. Then, all you see is a greenish tint. A little later you start to see a green fuzz on the roof. Finally, one day you look up and your roof is a mass of green clumps. The enemy has steadily over taken your roof. If action isn’t taken, the roof will start to deteriorate your roofing material, cause rainwater to flow where it should not and you risk taking years of life off your roof. If moss isn’t bad enough, some roofs such as cedar shake also face extra harm from the sun’s UV rays.  Day after day, they eat away at your roof’s outer layer. Let’s face it, roofs have it rough in this area.


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Roof Cleaning

Debris on your roof can create issues with proper drainage during rain falls. and excessive snow build up during the winter. Roof debris can also lead to clogged rain gutters. Proper cleaning guarantees that your roof drains properly and also helps prevent moss growth.  Our technicians make sure to do a thorough job, and will treat your home as if it were their own.

One of the things Seattle area homeowners appreciate the most about Rain or Shine is our straightforward, honest approach. These days there are numerous local service providers with varying opinions on roof cleaning and treating.  Many are simply trying to scare you about roof cleaning and treating methods they do not provide. We always tell our customers exactly what their roof needs and what specific roof maintenance method is best for their particular roof. Visit our main website and find a wealth of good information about Portland Roof Cleaning, roof maintenance, and other exterior maintenance services such as gutter cleaning, deck refinishing, and siding cleaning.  Or, call us right now to arrange a free, no pressure estimate.

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