Rain Gutter Installation

Rain or Shine specializes in aluminum rain gutters that we extrude and install directly on the job site to ensure a perfect installation. In fact, most of our gutter installations blend in to the existing architecture so well that you can hardly tell the house has rain gutters.

Rain or Shine stocks a wide selection of colors to choose from and can order many other colors quickly. The aluminum rain gutters and downspouts come pre-painted with a heavy baked enamel finish and have a lifetime guarantee against chipping, peeling or blistering. Most people prefer to match the gutter color to the color of the fascia or trim next to the roof line. The most appealing combination may be to have the gutters one color and the downspouts another.

Rain Gutter color chart

Please note that monitors display colors differently.  In order to make sure you get the exact color you want, contact us and we can bring samples.


K Style Seamless Rain Gutters

K-Style rain gutters represent the Standard in seamless rain gutters. The K-Style is available in Aluminum with many colors to choose from.

K Style Rain gutter

Rain or Shine uses a hidden hanger system in all of our rain gutter installs as it adds strength and is aesthetically pleasing.  We use screws, NOT nails as the are pushed out as wood gets wet and dries here in the Seattle area.

Rain gutter hiddne hanger system


Downspout Applications

Adequate downspout applications can direct water away from your home and prevent damage and erosion from run-off.  At Rain or Shine we use large mouth down spouts to help prevent the downspout from clogging.

Wide mount Rain gutter down spout


Benefits Of Rain Gutters:

  • Directs water away from basements, walks and patios.
  • Keeps the outside of your home clean by preventing mud and sand from splashing up onto siding and windows.
  • Protects the color of brick and concrete. No drip lines or discoloring.
  • Protects concrete slabs from sinking and cracking.
  • Inhibits moisture from entering directly inside front and back entries.
  • Preserves stained wood decks, doors and garage doors from splash-ups.
  • Stops landscape erosion. Plant without the concern for flooding.
  • Water is directed to an area where damage from run-off is not a concern.

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